So many women are making waves in the business world these days. Based on a census taken in 2012, women now own around 36% of independent businesses, which is up 30% from the last survey taken in 2007. With many advancements in technology, it has become easier for women to start and run their own companies. With many women not only entering the workforce, but they are also entering the world of entrepreneurship. 

With the endless vasts of the internet, many of these women who are starting and owning their businesses are also getting involved in helping uplift and encouraging others to do the same. Many of these new women entrepreneurs are being vocal and uplifting about what they have learned and what they have had to overcome along their entrepreneurial road. 

Fueling Solutions

The CEO and founder of the company Spanx, Sara Blakely, has been in the entrepreneurial career for years now, stating that her inspiration was her own body for creating the favorite cult shapewear. Blakely noted in an article, “My inspiration was my butt.” Still, she knew she could not be the only person with this issue, so she decided that she wanted to create an item of shapewear that would help shape and sculpt their bodies to help them feel empowered and confident in their skin. 

Sara pitched to multiple companies but was rejected by many. That’s when she convinced the owner of Neiman Marcus to follow her into a bathroom to see the effects of the shapewear in full form. Through putting herself out there, she created herself a billion-dollar industry that many love today. 

Finding Time for Leisure 

Most do not know that a female entrepreneur, Arianna Huffington, owns the Huffington Post’s significant publication. She has learned along the way that many entrepreneurs can be faced with exhaustion that can hinder even the most successful of entrepreneurs. Arianna said that at one point, she collapsed due to sleep deprivation, causing her to fall and break her cheekbone. She knew this was a wakeup call that she needed to reinvent what her viewpoint of success means and how to manage better her time when it came to running her business. 

Many women have found success when starting their businesses, but it can often be quite challenging to navigate in the first few years of working for yourself and managing everything that comes with it. But even with the struggles, many women continue to power forward, helping other women along the way to try and avoid the same struggles that they might encounter. They keep empowering others to help support and grow the idea of entrepreneurship among their fellow female peers. 


Located in Jacksonville, Florida, Dr. Catherine Barnes is an established educator and author. She is also the owner of two businesses: Sudden Impact Solutions and Dare 2 Dream Travel Agency. At Sudden Impact Solutions, Catherine provides expert consulting and coaching services, helping women reach their potential through personal and professional development, as well as mental health first aid training. She opened Dare 2 Dream Travel Agency almost five years ago.