So you have started your own business, your business is up and running, you are getting some business but what do you need next? Networking is something that every entrepreneur should take time to do. So how do you go about networking, and what is it? Networking will help you to grow your business and allow you to connect with other entrepreneurs and possible business mentors. 


There are lots of benefits to networking. Networking can allow you to meet other business owners, get in touch with potential suppliers, or even other professionals with similar experiences. Meeting all of these people will help you to grow your business and give you a massive source of experts that you can reach out to when you have questions. 

How to Network 

If you are in a decent-sized city a lot of the time, there will be events in your area to help you network with other professionals in your area. The events are usually catered to helping introduce both new concepts and methods that are being used while also providing a platform for those who own local businesses to meet and discuss new ideas that they might have. When you meet people at these events, be sure to carry a stack of your business cards to hand out. Once the game has concluded, send them a quick email to thank them for talking to you and mention any talking points that might have stood out to you. 

Different Types of Events 

There are different types of networking events, it is up to you to decide which ones you chose to attend, but some could be more beneficial to you than others.

  • Business Seminars 
    • Business Seminars usually allow you to attend things in more of a teaching type format. Business Seminars are generally catered to helping entrepreneurs learn more ways about how they can further along with their business. 
  • Professional Associations 
    • These are individuals that have the same goals as you do, helping to grow their businesses. These types of organizations usually have an entry fee that you pay and potentially a selection of requirements that you must meet to be able to join. These associations help to bring individuals together that want to expand their network. 

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