Women in business are not a new thing these days. Women around the world are creating their businesses and pursuing their dreams of being a “Boss Lady.” But with the rise of entrepreneurial women also come the struggles and tribulations that they must face along the way. 

Financial Support 

Small businesses are not always fortunate enough to have investors to help finance their ventures. According to Forbes, women’s companies are among the leading ventures that lack any financial support. It is also common for women to be denied loans just because of their gender and cultural biases. It is more likely that male-owned businesses will receive funding more often than female-owned companies.

Other Responsibilities 

Many women are not just business owners, they are mothers, wives, but they strive to push forward in their careers. Many financial institutions consider women a risk due to the possibility of them giving up their business if their families are more pressing. Those who lack the support they need can often end up feeling overwhelmed, while others gain their footing and can balance the two seamlessly. 

Gender Inequality 

In a world full of masculinity, women still have to make their way up the ladder while facing stigmas and discrimination along the way. There are laws put in place that have attempted to help create an equal playing field but often are not implemented, leaving women with the short end of the stick. This is where Gender Lens investing comes into play where strategies are put into play regarding gender issues, and they can shed light on investment decisions. 

Empowerment and Support

Empowering women to start their own business can help to tackle challenges that can arise when first starting. Having a reliable support system of other women can help to empower and contribute to relay ideas off of when it comes to their business. Women don’t have to be strong and independent, going through this venture on their own. Together with women can help to support and empower others to help them achieve their dreams. 


Located in Jacksonville, Florida, Dr. Catherine Barnes is an established educator and author. She is also the owner of two businesses: Sudden Impact Solutions and Dare 2 Dream Travel Agency. At Sudden Impact Solutions, Catherine provides expert consulting and coaching services, helping women reach their potential through personal and professional development, as well as mental health first aid training. She opened Dare 2 Dream Travel Agency almost five years ago.