Currently, there are more women than men in America’s workforce. However, women are still underrepresented in many industries. Women are particularly dominant in service-based sectors of the economy, including healthcare and retail. However, it can be lonely for women in areas like investment banking. Although women have greater numbers in the workforce, they often find themselves excluded from powerful and higher-paying jobs.

Healthcare is a service industry. Although there are plenty of women practicing as physicians right now, they are dwarfed by the numbers of women in support roles. For example, the lower-ranking medical workers like CNAs are mostly women. Additionally, women have entered traditionally male industries like security in large numbers, too. However, these jobs tend to be low-paying, at least at the entry-level. Once again, while women have the numbers, they don’t often have the leadership positions. This hampers their ability to accumulate wealth or to direct the way industries develop.


There are some good tips for women who want to advance, however. The first is to find a mentor at work. This is particularly important in male-dominated spaces. Having a supervisor who watches her back can be the difference between making it and not for many women. Women who work in male-dominated industries often advise developing a thick skin. Learning to be one of the boys can be a key to being offered promotions. However, women should not feel pressured to deny their skills, even if these seem stereotypically feminine. Having a skill no one else on the team possesses can be crucial. Women should not be so desperate to blend in that they suppress valuable attributes.

It’s important for women in non-traditional fields not to cede ground. They shouldn’t be willing to do things like get coffee and so on if they’re not an assistant by title. Women have important advantages in general, though. They’ve proven to be much more adaptable to new types of jobs. Men, by contrast, work outside the home much less than ever before. Their percentage of participation in the workforce has declined by 8% since the mid-20th century. It should be noted, though, that these employment numbers are carefully defined. No farm workers or independent contractors are counted in these figures.


Located in Jacksonville, Florida, Dr. Catherine Barnes is an established educator and author. She is also the owner of two businesses: Sudden Impact Solutions and Dare 2 Dream Travel Agency. At Sudden Impact Solutions, Catherine provides expert consulting and coaching services, helping women reach their potential through personal and professional development, as well as mental health first aid training. She opened Dare 2 Dream Travel Agency almost five years ago.