Women around the world are making strides to change the ever masculine world of business. Today there are more women becoming entrepreneurs, CEOs, and taking on roles that were previously held by men. In 2019 women accounted for over 40% of the Total Labor Force, and globally that percentage was about 39%. We have seen immense change over the years and these are some of the women responsible for that change. 

Betsy Moszeter

Betsy Moszeter learned the impact of traditional investing about 14 years ago and was applied that the portfolios claimed that they were advancing the cause of sustainability, and some of these companies were doing more harm than good. Moszeter joined the group Green Alpha in 2015 where she started building a resilient and scalable company that offers both environmentally and socially innovative portfolios. She uses the knowledge that she has gained over the years to help educate wealth advisors and other clients about creating change by using the power of their investment portfolios. Green Alpha starts from scratch when it comes to the index of stocks, instead of taking an existing index they create something greener. With this, they are able to do deep research using companies that are building the economy with innovative products that can provide solutions to the world’s biggest systemic risks. 

Lisa Kelissner

When both Lisa and her husband Charly started coming into a bit more wealth, Lisa knew that she wanted to start a journey about how wealth cans serve both humanity and the planet. She was on a mission to change the way that people would invest. In 2000 Kelissner and her husband launched the KL Felicitas foundation with $10 million. This group helps to advocate in an impact-investing strategy that helps to connect the entrepreneurial spirit along with the business disciple of a social enterprise. Today their foundation has had a 99.5% impact portfolio and helps to provide numerous models for a broad range of investors. 

Nathalie Molina Niño 

Natalie Molina Niño started her first business at only the age of 20. By trade, she was both a technologist and a coder, but Natalie was both an entrepreneur and a storyteller at heart. She created the company called SELF MADE a mobile app that was a learning platform that was curated with the help of the New Your Times Best Sellers list title, “Self Made” authored by the Entertainment President of Telemundo, Nely Galán. With her goal of creating an even playing field for female entrepreneurs she also founded Entrepreneurs@Atlanta a the Athena Center for Leadership Studies at Bernard College of Columbia University. 


Located in Jacksonville, Florida, Dr. Catherine Barnes is an established educator and author. She is also the owner of two businesses: Sudden Impact Solutions and Dare 2 Dream Travel Agency. At Sudden Impact Solutions, Catherine provides expert consulting and coaching services, helping women reach their potential through personal and professional development, as well as mental health first aid training. She opened Dare 2 Dream Travel Agency almost five years ago.